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5 Must Have Tools You Need to Grow on TikTok

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

You've downloaded TikTok, been watching hours of content and you're ready to start growing and posting videos on the platform. So what are the tools you need to be successful? We've compiled a list of 5 Must Have tools to grow quickly and easily on TikTok (and Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts!!).

1. For Staying on Top of Trends

A HUGE part of TikTok are the trends, from the viral feta pasta recipe to the Savage dance, there are trends in just about every niche that you can think of on TikTok. Now while it is important to be creating original content, putting out "trendy" content

One of the best tools out there for this is TrendTok Analytics, an iOS platform that allows users to find trends in the location, niche or by their favorite creators. It is free to download on the app store, and you can upgrade to their Pro plan for just a dollar or so a month!

2. For Account Analytics

Once you start posting content, you'll need analytics to help you see whats working, what's not and where you can improve. For this reason it's important to use high quality TikTok Analytics. If you switch to a creator or business account, TikTok does provide some of these to you but if you're serious about growing and optimizing your content, you'll need a platform that can give you granular metrics.

One such tool that we recommend is Statistok. Statistok can give you a large range of metrics including: Follower Sourcing, Watch Time, Engagement Rate, Duration Advice,

Time of day advice, Niche Advice, Lost Followers, Video Views Insights, Famous Followers, Automatic daily fetch, Tag synonyms, Daily Performance dashboard, Week in Review and Weekly Summary Email.

3. For Filming High Quality Content

Creating high quality content is important because it is more likely to capture user's attention. Phone camera these days are already extremely high quality, so there's no need to get a professional camera to film your content. Instead invest a little bit of money in a light and tripod. This will allow you to easily and quickly film high quality and professional looking content.

There's many options in a wide variety of price ranges for the tripod and ring light. One option that has been recommended is the "Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder for Live Stream/Makeup, UBeesize Mini Led Camera Ringlight" which you can purchase on Amazon for $29.99.

4. For Editing

The TikTok in-app editor is quite robust. If you're someone who is interested in creating content with lots of effects and transitions then it's worth looking into an alternate editor. One popular TikTok editing platform is Zoomerang. This app not only provides editing software but also step by step tutorials to edit your TikToks!

5. For Keeping Followers Engaged

Once you start posting on TikTok, using a tool like LinkTree, Beacons or Canva's Link in Bio, will allow you to keep your followers/viewers engaged and bring them to your other channels (like your merchandise, Instagram, YouTube, etc). They are easy to set up and most have robust free plans that you can integrate!

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