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Guide: How to Use the TrendTok Analytics App

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

What is the TrendTok Analytics App?

The TrendTok Analytics app is an artificial intelligence powered platform, designed to help creators grow their TikTok accounts using analytics. The platform uses AI to help creators find, discover and predict new trends within their location, niche or through their favorite creators, first. Allowing you to hop on new viral trends first, increase your visibility and easily grow your account!

Why do you need it?

Trending content allows you to expand your reach, find new followers and get increased visibility on your videos. Our users see 3x, 5x and sometimes even 10x increases in their view counts, when they use predicted new trends!

While original content is extremely important, creating content that includes trends, allows you to connect with new audiences, push your content out to more viewers and grow your account. Whether you are creating a tutorial or cooking your favorite recipe, adding trending sounds can boost the audience that sees your content.

Being among the first to find and use these trending sounds, increases this reach even more (especially if you find trends within your niche or location)!

What to know before you download:

TrendTok Analytics is currently on the iOS Appstore! Sign up on our website to be notified when the Android and Web app are launched in the next few months!

How to Get The Most Out of TrendTok:


Be sure to follow the onboarding steps to properly customize your "For You" Trend Suggestions. These suggestions will allow you to easily and quickly find new trends to incorporate into your content over the next few days! This algorithm takes many factors into account such as account size, location, interests and account goals to provide you with the best trend suggestions.

Which Albums Should I Be Using?

Apart from the For You album, be sure to browse through the albums within your region and your niche. The trends within these playlists will be most relevant to you and your content! Use the "People" albums to keep track of the sounds that top creators are using, because these have a high likelihood to go viral or may already be trending!

Finding New Trends:

When you open an album, the top trends will be towards the top of the album playlist. It is important to not only look at these top trends but to also scroll towards the bottom of the playlist. As these trends are newer and have not blown up as much as trends towards the top of the playlist (yet!).

Be sure to also identify the "new trends" (marked with blue dots) and "rising trends" (marked with green arrows) within each playlist. These are trends that are predicted to rise and keep trending, which means people are enjoying this content! Be sure to hop on those trends and put your own twist on it, while the trend is still hot! This will get you higher visibility and reach.

Using Predictions:

There are two ways to access predictions:

  1. Open the Sound Detail page of any trending sound. On this page you will see the AI prediction of how this trend will perform over the next 7 days (in blue). If a trend is predicted to blow up, go viral or keep trending, you will see big blue peaks on the graph. These are trends that will likely perform well when incorporated in your content because this means that people are still enjoying and excited about this trend!

  2. Use our specialized albums. In the app, we have curated albums with sounds that are expected to rise, are new trends or are predicted to fall. If you want to see a full list of such trends, you can see them directly through these curated albums!

Saving Sounds:

When browsing through the app, be sure to save any trending sounds that you may want to create content for by hitting the "save" icon. This will create a list of your saved sounds which you can later access when you are creating content for your account!

Implementing Trends:

Ready to create trending content? See examples of how the trend is being implemented by other creators. You can see this by hitting the following icon (see below) and it will take you to the trending sound page to see examples!

How To Use the TrendTok App:

1. Onboarding

The first time you download the app and open it on your phone, you will be brought to the onboarding screen. The onboarding process is important to get personalized relevant trend predictions for your account. These personalized trends will live in the "For You" Album after the onboarding process. As your account changes, you can always reconfigure these settings (see #9). Follow the prompts that appear on the screen to configure your personalization!

2. Home Screen

After the onboarding process, you will be brought to the home screen. On the home screen you will see the trend albums, separated by People, Places and Categories.

People: The trending sounds being used by top creators. Typically, when the top creators on TikTok use a sound, that sound will start trending. These albums will allow you to find those sounds first, before they go viral!

Places: The trending sounds being used in different locations. Here you can find the top sounds, new sounds or sounds that are predicted to rise in different geographies. New sounds are the sounds that are newly trending this week and likely to go viral. Predicted to rise sounds are those that are predicted to keep trending upwards over the upcoming week. You'll see that the trending sounds vary by geography and that certain sounds will carry over from different geographies.

Categories: Trending sounds by niche. These are the top trending sounds in the many different niches on TikTok. You'll find that the top trends in dancing TikToks are very different from those that are trending amongst gaming tiktokers. We've found the top sounds that are trending and predicted to trend in each niche, so you can stay on top of the trends and hop on trends early within your niche!

3. For You Album

This album is your personalized list of trends based on your account goals, size, interests and geography! These are trends that we suggest for you to incorporate in your content to grow your audience. The trends are generated based on your onboarding answers and our AI algorithms. When planning content or creating content, take a look at this playlist to generate trend ideas to incorporate that will resonate with your audience and help you grow your following. As we mentioned above, it's important to incorporate trends so that you can increase your reach, and this album is the perfect tool to do this!

4. The Playlist Pages

Once you click on an album, the album's playlist page will appear. Here you will see an ordered list of the trending sounds in this album, starting with the top trending sound for the album.

If you are a growing creator, we recommend scrolling to the middle/bottom of these playlists to find trending sounds that are not over saturated yet. Allowing you to make a video for this trend and still be on the early side of hopping on the trend! The higher up on the list, the more likely the sound already has many videos attached to it already. These sounds are great for finding top trends that people are enjoying and you can hop on and put your own spin on.

It's also important to pay attention to the symbols we use to indicate the performance of a trend:

Green Arrow: The trending sound is rising.

Red Arrow: The trending sound is falling.

Blue Dot: This is a new trend that will likely rise and go viral!

To the right side of each sound, we have two icons. The Save icon, allows you to quickly save the sound in the Saved Sounds section. The Play icon, allows you to play the sound right in the app!

5. Sound Details

When you click on a sound on the playlist page, you will be taken to the sound detail page.

On the left side of the header of this page you will see: Sound Title, Author Name and Duration of Sound. On the right side of the header you will see:

Link to TikTok: View this sound on Tiktok and the top videos associated with this sound.

Hashtags: View the commonly used hashtags associated with this sound.

Play: Play the sound in the app

Underneath the header, you will see the trend graph. This graph shows you the current performance of the trend (in green) followed by the AI prediction of how this trend will perform over the next week (in blue). You can use this graph to see how a trend will perform (whether it will go viral, keep trending, fall etc.) to decide if it makes sense to hop on this trend or when is the right time to create content with this trend for maximum reach!

Underneath the trend graph, you will see the current stats for this trend, including how many plays, likes, shares and comments it has so far. This information is helpful in seeing the performance of this trend so far and deciding whether to hop on the trend!

At the bottom of this page, you will see the trending locations section. The countries highlighted in green on this map, indicate the countries that this sound is trending in. You can use this graph to see whether a trend is trending in your location or your target audience's location.

6. Hashtags

You can access trending hashtags in two ways in the TrendTok App. You can

1) Generate Hashtags: Click on the "Hashtags" button on the home screen and enter in some words to describe your video or niche. Then our AI will share the top hashtags associated with your input that you can copy/paste.

2) Find Trending Hashtags in each niche/place: On each album detail page, you will see a menu option to view the top hashtags that are associated with this album. You can choose the hashtags you like on this page and copy/paste them directly into the caption of your videos. You can do this by clicking on all the hashtags you'd like to copy then clicking the Copy Selected button at the bottom of the page.

7. Keywords

You can access trending keywords in the TrendTok app by clicking on the "Keywords" button on the homepage. Once you click this button, you can enter in some words to describe your niche or the video you are going to post. Then our AI will share the top keywords associated with your input. You can browse keywords based on their popularity and competitiveness.

If a word has high popularity, it a popular search term and will likely provide you with good visibility. If a word has high competition, there are lots of videos about this keyword and it will be difficult to gain visibility for this keyword.

8. Search

In the navigation bar, you will see a "Search" section. When you click on this button you will be taken to the Search page. Here you can search for trending sounds to be taken directly to that sound's detail page. This feature is helpful when you want to see the performance/prediction for a specific trend or to find variations and remixes of a trending sound!

9. Saved Section

In the navigation bar, you will see a "Saved" section. When you click on this button you will be taken to the saved sounds page. This page holds all the sounds that you have saved in the app. This page is helpful for creating a list of trending sounds that you want to use in your content or sounds that you want to monitor the trend performance of.

For example, many creators will go through the app and save sounds that they like or want to create content for in the next week. Then when they are in the creating content later that week, they can easily navigate to this page. On the page, they can quickly find the trends that they want to incorporate in their content and also track how the trend is performing to see if it makes sense to use this trend.

10. Settings

In the navigation bar, you will see a "Settings" section. When you click on this button you will be taken to the Settings and Help page. From top to bottom, here are the elements on this page:

Customize For You Algorithm: This will allow you to reconfigure the algorithm that recommends trends for you in the "For You" Album. As your account changes and grows, be sure to reconfigure this algorithm to fit your account!

Contact Us: Have a questions, feedback or a feature request? Send it over, we're all ears!

Request an Album: Don't see a niche, creator or country that you want in the app? Send us your request!

Dark Mode: Prefer light mode? Hit that switch!

Allow Push Notifications: We send out trend alerts, that you don't want to miss! So make sure you've enabled push notifications to get the alerts!

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It's over a year after this article was published and there still isn't an Android app... when will this finally come out?! Not fair to only allow iOS users to grow using TrendTok.


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Macarena López
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