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Noah Wille (@Noahwille): Creator Coffee Chat

Welcome to our Creator Coffee Chat: Presented By the TrendTok App where you get to learn about the very best tips, tricks and advice for growing your TikTok account from viral creators! We know that growing your TikTok account can feel overwhelming at times, so we’re breaking down the strategy that these creators used to help you through the process! Whether you’re a new creator on the platform that hasn’t chosen their username yet or a creator with a huge following behind you, we believe that this series will provide you with some new insights that you can apply to your TikTok strategy!

Today’s coffee chat is with Noah Wille! Robert (@Noah Wille). Noah is 20 years old and has always dreamed about being in front of the camera. When he was a little kid he made his mom buy a video camera so he and his friends and could act in our own "movies". He has spent the last 8 years in central Iowa where he feels that, that sort of thing is not recognized as a career which only made him more determined to do it.

Noah first got into Tiktok during his freshman year of college. He and one of his friends needed a way to stay occupied in the evenings so they decided to start making fun videos on the app!

We asked Noah to share advice, tips and thoughts with us that could help creators with their TikTok journey!

What is your TikTok handle and did you have a strategy behind choosing your handle username?

My tiktok handle is Noahwille, its my full name, I knew I wanted to make myself into a personal brand, so creating my username as my full name seemed to be the best choice

What was the process behind creating your first video on the platform? How did it feel?

The first video I created on the platform was actually the renegade, it took me about an hour to learn, and we had over 40 outtakes.

How did your first video perform? What was your reaction to it’s performance?

The video did surprisingly well, it got over 3000 views. For something that took me an hour to learn and I still danced horribly, I was still really happy with it!

How did you decide what kind of content you wanted to post on your platform or what audience you wanted to reach?

I'm still in the process of deciding exactly what I want to post consistently, I do so many things constantly that my Tiktok is similar to my life, crazy and spontaneous.

What advice do you have for creators that are still trying to find their niche on TikTok?

The biggest piece of advice for someone looking to find their niche is to let the niche find you. Eventually you'll figure out what works best for you and by figuring it out naturally, you'll be happier with the end result.

How many videos did you post before you had your first “viral video”?

My first viral video came within the first 10 videos I posted on the platform.

What happens when one of your videos does not perform how you expected? Do you ever recreate or repost the video?

I'm against the idea of reposting, but I love the idea of recreating a piece of content, and putting a new spin on it. It brings a new perspective to it, and it gives you the ability to connect with an even larger audience, who may not have seen the first one.

What advice do you have for creators on creating the TikTok videos? Any there any tools or softwares that you use?

Tiktok, has tons of incredible tools, use them! People often overlook some of the ability within the tiktok app, I recommend spending 20 minutes clicking through every button throughout the process and learning what they do, so you can use them to your advantage.

Do you ever get nervous posting on TikTok? If so, how do you deal with it?

Sometimes if i'm posting a piece of content that is controversial, I will get a little bit anxious. I remind myself to be true to myself, and if it's not something I would say in public, I wouldn't say it online.

Are there any tricks/tips that you have used to boost your posts that you’d like to share with creators?

Tiktok often releases new features, the moment you have them; USE THEM! Tiktok loves to push their new features and usually you'll experience a boost in your engagement!

How do you keep your community/followers engaged with you and your content on TikTok?

As much as your fans have an active interest in you, it's incredibly important to have an active interest in them. Reply to comments, like a few of their videos, comment on one or two. Last but not least, LISTEN TO THEM, your fans will tell you what they want to see from you, so take advantage of that and keep your mind open to public suggestions

How do you handle the negative comments on the platform?

I actually love hate comments, clearly I did something right if I made a whole group of people jealous. At the end of the day those hate comments don't define you, and if anything, they should tell you that you're heading in a good direction.

What’s one thing you wish you knew when you were first starting out on the platform?

I wish I knew how much of a job it can become. If you are determined to become "Tiktok famous" make sure that you're ready for all of the things that come with it.

Who are some of your favorite TikTokers or accounts to follow?

I love watching kallmekris and celinaspookyboo, their videos always brighten up my day.

What is next for you on the platform, anything we should be on the lookout for?

There's a couple big things coming, including a few potential joint tiktok accounts with some large creators 👀

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Try everything once! You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take (as cheesy as that is, it's so true) Try all of the trends and all of the styles of content that you can because you'll figure out exactly what you should be doing.

Where can our readers connect with you?

Check out my Instagram @noahhwille or keep tabs with me on my tiktok @noahwille!

We loved chatting with Noah and if you enjoyed his coffee chat, make sure that you check him out on TikTok! And drop a comment on her video that you saw him here on the TrendTok Coffee Chat series!!

This series is presented by the TrendTok App, the platform for TikTok Analytics that helps creators go viral! Check it out here!

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