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5 TikTok Products You Need to Level Up Your Videos

You’re ready to level up your TikTok, IG Reel and YouTube Shorts content and you want to know what products are worth it. Well, great news, you’re in the right place! We’re going to

woman with her tiktok ring light filming tiktoks with her selfie light accessory

share the top 5 products that we think are worth it and will help you make you take your videos to the next level!

Now it’s no secret that the best TikTok videos are the ones that feel natural and organic. But it’s also important to make sure that you have good lighting, sound quality and video quality to capture the attention you need to engage viewers! We’re going to share some of the best products ( that won’t break the bank) to allow you to make your videos look more professional!

With these tools and products, making videos is going to be more fun, easy and allow you to feel like you have created a high quality product. Here’s some of the top ring lights, microphones and accessories that will make you feel like you’re the next TikTok Star!

We only include products that have been independently selected by our editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

ring light for tiktok video filming

The easiest and simplest way to level up your content is with a ring light. We personally use this ring light. It has adjustable light settings, can be controlled with an external remote, and what we love most about it, is that it can be adjusted to many different heights depending on your needs. We love this one!

mini microphone with tinx tiny microphone

Chances are you’ve seen some of your favorite creators talking into mini mics and if not, they likely have it a few inches away from them to make sure their voice and sound quality is clear. If you are doing a lot of speaking/narrating/storytime tiktoks, it is worth investing in a mini microphone so that you can ensure your sound quality is the best it can be. We think this one is a great option for high quality sound without breaking the budget!

selfie ring light before and after

Don’t want a big ring light or doing a lot of tiktoks on the go? This mini ring selfie light is perfect for throwing into your bag and placing on top of your phone to film those on-the-go or day-in-the-life videos!

phone tripod stand

If you’re filming a lot of content, you need to make sure that the phone is stable and you’re not reliant on a stranger or a friend to film for you! Investing in a tripod that you can throw into your backpack, will allow you to have solo-content shoot days.

phone stabalizer for tiktok

If you’re really looking to film content with a lot of motion or transitions, we’d recommend investing in a stabilizer. This one is handheld and will provide professional looking angles, motion stabilizing and make your tiktok dance videos look like they were shot by a videographer.

We're excited to see your content! If you enjoyed these tips, let us know and we'll share more in depth reviews!

Tiktok accessories- these are the products you absolutely need as a tiktoker or someone who is going to create content for instagram, tiktok, youtube shorts. These include microphones, ring lights, and the best accessories and products for creating tiktoks. These are the top and best accessories for content creation.

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